They’re laying on his bed, watching some reality TV show that people only watch because there is nothing on. Well, he’s watching it. She’s resting her head on his shoulder, her brown hair occasionally brushing against his face allowing him to smile at the scent of cherry shampoo. She’s tracing things along his stomach, nothing special, just lines and things. She stops for a moment and bites her bottom lip before writing something out.


he lets a small “hmm” out to let her know that he understands she’s trying to tell him something. He’s not sure why she doesn’t just speak up, hell, she doesn’t even know why she doesn’t. It just seemed right to her. 

She starts writing something out in her normal, loopy cursive, her heart’s pounding. 

i love you.

He looks down at her and tilts her chin slightly so that she’s looking up at him now. A small smile comes across his face as his blue eyes meet hers, he brushes a lock of her hair behind her ear before leaning over and kissing her. It’s soft and gentle, yet filled with so much passion. So much love.

She brings her hands to the side of his neck, pulling herself up so instead of resting on her back, she’s on her thigh, it’ll make things easier for them. 

He pulls away from her, resting his forehead against her.

It’s a whisper, barely audible. But that makes it mean more to her.

"i love you, too." she smiles at him, her hearts racing, somethings different about Castle, when he kisses her, she gets that feeling she did when her high school crush brushed against her when he was walking in the crowded hallway trying to get to class.

She initiates the kiss this time. Keeping her hands on either side of his neck. He puts his hands on her waist, she didn’t know it was possible to have her heart race this fast, but it does. 

She loves this man, and every time he kisses her. It makes her love him even more.

It was a slow beginning to a most amazing night for this muse and her writer. And afterwards, they went out for coffee.